Pilot Project Program


PPP in a nutshell  

Basically you get free licenses for an extended period (1-3 months) , where you only pay for the training, and once the training is finished, and if you decided to purchase ARCHICAD, you get the money you invested in training back !

What is PPP ? 

It is a tailored program by the local resellers of ArchiCAD BIMES to help your company evaluating BIM and ArchiCAD with no financial obligations

Who is PPP for ?

It is for consultancies and contractors that never tried any BIM solution or for offices using other BIM solutions and having difficulties with the selected solutions, and are welling to try a problem solving based approach.


What do I expect from PPP ?

When enrolled in PPP you will get up to 20 ArchiCAD licenses and BIMserver for free for the period of PPP.

A plan will be discussed with our team to set expected targets on a live project in your office. We will install the software for you, get your team trained , provide online / on-site support, enabling them to experience BIM as it should be and produce the required output (models, drawings, BOQ..etc) of the selected live project. 

By the end of the PPP period (depending on the project) and based on the results, you an take an informed decision, and if you decided to purchase (minimum 3 licenses) your training investment will be refunded ! 


Why PPP is good for you ?

You hear a lot about BIM, and you might get trapped in buying licenses, but no one will ever give you a real feedback like your own team, about the software and the support you will get from us as a reseller. There will be no excuse!


How to get enrolled in PPP ?

Be sure to register in the list above, and we will be in contact with you.