At BIMES we provide tailored BIM services, and that what made us pioneers in what we do, We look at BIM as a tool to serve your process and achieve your targets, and a tool should be flexible to fit within your workflow, not the other way around. You must have heard a lot of the "change" required for BIM to work, well we have to disagree here ! When we are hired as BIM consultants we give you a variety of options including not changing your workflow, and adding BIM as an added value without disturbing your process, however if you decided that you are ready to go ahead and change, We are also here to support. The bottom line is we don't come with expectations, the only thing we believe in is : BIM is here to help you and add value, not as an additional task or cost.

Consultants BIM starts at the design stage, but it is always hard to start, we are here to help, With our various implementation plans, our team is here to support your team while switching to BIM. Using the best BIM tool in the market and our experienced Architects and Engineers we are ready to support your team at meeting their deadlines while training. 
Developers BIM serves all phases of building life, and who would benefit more from better performance at every phase than the developer ? We have worked with quite few of the largest developers in the region, we helped their teams from preparing their BIM specifications, throughout design, construction reaching finally FM. 
Contractors  Being the major player during construction, BIM can be utilised to help the contractors in their every day tasks, from preparing shop drawings, extracting quantities, time scheduling that is linked to the real building elements and real progress (4D BIM) to accurate estimation of costs (5D BIM), nothing can help a contractor boosting productivity, gaining accuracy and saving cost more than Proper BIM process in place.

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