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join us in dubai - 15th September 2018

The details of the second of a series of workshops are announced, be sure to register to attend the workshop if you are in Dubai or to watch live streaming if you can't make it to the workshop !

If you plan to attend the workshop please register here

If you plan to watch live streaming please register here


ARCHICAD power users at BIG 5 !


BIG5 Dubai

The Big 5 Dubai is the main international building and construction show for the whole of the Middle East, North Africa and East Asia region, and it has been home to the largest gathering of construction professionals in the Middle East for the last 35 years.

Exhibitors showcase thousands of products from across the globe and the event includes free Certified Professional Development workshops as well as live demonstrations of a host of products.

Every year a series of workshops on different topics is held as part of the events, and this year few of ARCHICAD  Power Users in the region participated, by sharing their BIM experience with the Audience.

Djordje Grujic - City Diamond Contracting

Architect with 25+ years of professional experience in design, construction management and supervision, and business development in seven countries on three continents. 
and 20+ years of BIM software usage and implementation experience, in creating and managing design and construction oriented environments

Djordje Shared his view on BIM in general, OpenBIM and processes, displaying few actual projects and utilisation of BIMx.


Daniel Bulyovcsity - Architectural Corner Consultants

An architect with extensive knowledge of BiM modeling and CAD drawing.He worked on several residential and industrial buildings, He displayed a live case study of a large industrial building, displaying the benefits of BIM in such projects and the power of ARCHICAD in handling such models. and focused on benefits of parametric objects and the capability of documentation. 


Florian Techel - Canadian University Dubai


An Assistant Professor of Architecture at the School of Architecture and Interior Design at the Canadian University Dubai. He was the first chair of the schoolfrom 2009 until 2012. He is currently focusing on his research topic:
Building Information Modeling (BIM) and OpenBIM. 

Florian shared his views on OpenBIM , Standards and the possible approach of mandating BIM, together with his take on "what is wrong with BIM" in today's practice. 





BIM Essentials workshops


In Collaboration with Canadian University Dubai, BIMES has conducted a series of BIM Essentials workshops. The program is developed by Professor Florian Techel and Mohannad Altabbal, based on demand of many clients in the AEC market.

The program is 20 hours of lectures and Hands on training, providing the participants with a holistic view on BIM, history, uses, legal and practical challenges, Standards and local case studies. The participants were from UAE, Saudi and Ghana. with different backgrounds from design, contracting and fabrication. 


The same program was conducted also to 9 Architects and  Engineers of Tamdeen  part of TECOM group 


About TECOM group

TECOM Group, a member of Dubai Holding, is a strategic business enabler that contributes to the realisation of Dubai’s economic aspirations, through the creation of sector-focused business communities and work environments that provide innovative business solutions  .
TECOM business communities reinforce Dubai’s position as a global hub for business and commerce, and have attracted companies and talent from around the world including industry leaders such as Google, CNN, DELL and Unilever. Covering six vibrant industry sectors, TECOM’s business communities offer a home in the region to 5,100 companies ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations with a total workforce of 76,000.
TECOM Group is a committed partner in the government’s efforts to transform Dubai into a global business hub, the smartest city in the world, the capital of the Islamic Economy, and is in full alignment with the Dubai Plan 2021. The company has been a major catalyst for Dubai’s development into a knowledge-economy, and is now a frontrunner in delivering the government’s Innovation Strategy, championing the growth of startups and small firmsas well as the Emirate’s service sector.
TECOM Group’s free zone business communities feature purpose-built facilities and industry-specific infrastructure. These include Dubai Internet City, Dubai Outsource City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Production City, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai International Academic City, and Dubai Science Park.
Dubai Design District (d3) is the Group’s newest business community, and is committed to fostering the growth of the Emirate’s design, fashion and luxury industry. Dubai Industrial City is TECOM’s non-free zone business park dedicated to the manufacturing and logistics industry.
For more information:


TAMDEEN is a project management firm that founded on November 1st 2007 as a subsidiary of TECOM Group.
TAMDEEN offers a wide range of technical project management solutions including master planning, Infrastructure management, building project management, design development, MEP, and information technology.
We aim to blend in our success ingredients to enable our clients to progress as swiftly and effectively as possible from where they are today, to where they want to be tomorrow.
Our knowledge capacity and capabilities are extended through combined alliances from specific sector expertise delivered by people with many years of operational experience.
We find that our combination of knowledge, professional skill and technology along with our attitude towards clients and business enable us to improve the value our clients get from the stages of projects.
KCC 2916

Graphisoft Key Client Conference  

Held in Budapest (12th to 14th June 2016) KCC 2016, was another milestone in GRAPHISOFT's and ARCHICAD successful path ! Here we invite you to listen to some of the clients talking about their experience in using ARCHICAD and BIM, moving from 2D CAD world or moving from other BIM platforms like Revit and others, after exploring the power of ARCHICAD. 


Patterson Associates - ARCHICAD 20 signature building

Talking about Len Lye Centre, Newzealand. Andrew Patterson, Director of Patterson Associates, explains the role of ARCHICAD in making this marvellous building coming true.


Fernandes Arquitetos - From Revit to ARCHICAD

Daniel Fernandes, CEO of Fernandes Arquitetos, Brazil, talking about the large projects they are involved in, like staduims, metrostations, airports, healthcare. And explains why they switched to ARCHICAD from Revit after using it for 8 years !  


Cottee Parker - Change of Building Industry in Australia

Naveen Dath, Design Director at Cottee Parker Australia, talking about the change in building industry. and their experience in using ARCHICAD and why it is their tool of choice after years of using other BIM platform.


UHA London - ARCHICAD for BIM manager


Thiago Mundim, BIM Manager of UHA London, UK. takes us through the use of ARCHICAD as their intuitive BIM tool, and how that helped implementing BIM. 


Enzyme from Hong Kong


A young company from Hong Kong, telling us their story and how ARCHICAD helped their small scale company growing. 


McNeel & Associates - Rhino, Grasshopper and ARCHICAD

Carlos Perez from McNeel & Associates, talking about the connection between Rhino, Grasshopper and ARCHICAD and the unlimited possibilities that this powerful combination provides architects with. 


KA Designworks - Efficiency achieved by technology in a small firm

Ken Adler, from KA Designwroks, Aspen Colorado, briefing us about their experience with ARCHICAD and residential projects, and the advantage that ARCHICAD provides small firm with to compete with larger firms, by boosting the productivity of the team.


BIM Implementation with Bormann International, Seattle USA


Thomas A.Bormann, specialist in implementing BIM / ARCHICAD in companies that are shifting to the productive world of BIM, providing some tips about BIM implementation and the challenges associated with that. 


Walker Warner Architects - Utilising ARCHICAD community


An interview with Patrick May, Digital Design Coordinator and Walker Warner Architects, San Francisco, talking about the power of visualizing your project with ARCHICAD and sharing it with clients, and the power of ARCHICAD online community. 


Benefit of BIM at HLM UK 


Paul Tunstall, corporate BIM Manager HLM UK, a firm with 6 offices in UK, 2 in Middle east and 1 in Johannesburg, agrees that BIM is about information management, and what are the benefits of ARCHICAD at HLM. 

It has already been unveiled that international firms such as bjarke ingels group / BIGfoster + partners and grimshaw architects have received the go-ahead with their pavilion proposals celebrating the sub-themes of: mobility, sustainability and opportunity.

Each chosen by his highness sheikh ahmed bin saeed al maktoum, he comments ‘after careful study and consideration, three designs stood out, amidst tough competition, as great future structures that will mark our expo as exceptional.’ the brief called for pavilions to capture one of the sub-themes of the expo, but also be creations that will be flexible enough to stand as landmarks after the event finishes. BIG’s sculptural pavilion for ‘opportunity’ will feature a dynamic form of fins that lifts up at the core to a garden landscape and restaurant within.

The danish firm BIG will design the opportunity pavilion, in case studies section you can read about how BIG chose OpenBIM and ARCHICAD as their approach to BIM. 

image © BIG architects / expo 2020 dubai

image © BIG architects / expo 2020 dubai

image © BIG architects / expo 2020 dubai

image © BIG architects / expo 2020 dubai

Rhino-Grasshopper-ARCHICAD connection is more than an interoperability package developed by GRAPHISOFT. It fills a gap in the design process between early stage design and building information modeling. It offers tools for seamless bi-directional geometry transfer as well as a way to translate basic geometrical shapes into full BIM elements while adding algorithmic editing functionality.

We are happy to announce that the long-awaited video tutorials for the 2nd volume of the ARCHICAD Training Series have been recently published on Youtube.

The second volume of the ARCHICAD Training Series presents the fundamental conceptual modeling and visualization techniques via the creation of a residential building. It helps you understand the conceptual modeling and massing concepts of ARCHICAD.
This volume is intended for novice users and prospects looking for quick hands-on experience with ARCHICAD as well as students and teachers using it as part of the BIM Curriculum Exercises.


  • language: English
  • e-book: 47 pages
  • videos: 20 min
  • time: 30-45 min

We are always glad to provide different services to our clients, DAMAC Properties, is a client that we are proud to be working on two of their prestigious projects, DAMAC TOWERS BY PARAMOUNT and DAMAC HEIGHTS. 

We have conducted a BIM Training to selected engineers from different departments, the training covered over all usage of BIM, and how it affects different aspects of daily tasks, together with detailed case studies on both projects mentioned above.

We thank DAMAC team to give us such great opportunity !