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Communicate. Understand. Decide.


On behalf of Epiito, a danish provider of prototyping technology and local partner BIMES, the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs of Denmark invite stakeholders in hospital and laboratory projects to visit The Royal Danish Consulate General in Dubai for a demonstration of this new technology. 

By prototyping the future we make it possible to communicate, validate and facilitate user involvement sessions — regardless of location and technology. We enable communication, secure understanding and provide knowledge that allows project teams to make qualified decisions. 

During the Building Healthcare Innovation and Design Show, we have prepared a special series of demonstrations on how to benefit from prototyping in healthcare projects.

1st until 4th of October

4pm until 6pm


A simple, intuitive tool that presents your visions and products in Virtual Reality. At Epiito we make complicated design easy to understand and visualize it in a 1:1 scale. Whether you are building a new hospital, involved in town planning, training your employees or showcasing your products we have a tailor-made solution for you.  


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