BIM ESSENTIALS Training Course



  • Do you get requests to deliver through BIM (Building Information Modelling) but you’re not sure what to deliver, and you aren’t able to lead the conversation?
  • Have you invested in BIM software but you’re still not able to deliver?
  • Do you see BIM as an extra cost to your projects?


The first step in switching to BIM is to understand how it will affect you, your business, your role, what you should offer, what to expect from others, the new terminologies, and the pros and cons of the BIM world.

Learn all of this and more!

BIM Essentials Training Course:
20th - 22nd October, 2016
Canadian University Dubai Campus
AED 2,500 per person

20 hours of training course spread over 3 days will prepare you to be competent and confident in all your BIM decisions. Whether you are an engineer, manager, developer, consultant, contractor or QS, this course will boost your knowledge of BIM and prepare you to develop your skills further.


This course offers an overview of the field of Building Information Modelling (BIM).


At the end of this course the participants should be able to: 
• Comprehend key elements of BIM
• Understand the elementary roles that stakeholders in the AEC sector play with respect to BIM
• Define milestones for the implementation of BIM
• Apply strategies of implementing BIM on a step-by-step basis
• Critically evaluate the performance of BIM applications
• Appreciate the importance of open non-proprietary exchange formats

Topics Covered

BIM, BIM Vocabulary, BIM Uses, Historic Overview, OpenBIM, International Standards, CoBie, Uniclass, IFC, BCF, Local Case Studies, Computer Demonstration.

Target Audience

BIM, BIM Vocabulary, BIM Uses, Historic Overview, OpenBIM, International Standards, CoBie, Uniclass, IFC, BCF, Local Case Studies, Computer Demonstration.

Date & Time

20 Oct (Thursday, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm) and 21 & 22 Oct (Friday & Saturday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm)


CUD Campus


AED 2,500 per person


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Trainer's Short Bio


Mr. Florian Techel

Mr. Florian Techel holds a Master of Architecture in Sustainable Design and Energy Efficient Design from Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, USA. He also obtained a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Technical University Berlin, Germany.

In addition to his academic posts, Mr. Techel has over seven years of experience in the industry. His research interests are in building information modelling, computer aided design and sustainable design. Mr. Techel is a registered member of the UAE Society of Engineers.


Mr. Mohannad Altabbal

A licensed architect with 10 years of experience in the field of BIM, Mr. Mohannad Altabbal  has worked in different countries in the region and helped to implement BIM in several firms. During his career he has trained, implemented, lectured and practiced BIM in architecture and construction. He currently works as a General Manager of BIM Engineering Solutions and is involved in large projects in BIM with major developers and contractors in the region, where he advises high level management on the way to approach BIM in a practical and solution centred 

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