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We are celebrating Ramadan this year with a special offer ! During the month of Ramadan, special offers are applicable on the following :

  • ARCHICAD perpetual licenses ( one time purchase, no mandatory yearly subscription) : at 50% discount owning an ARCHICAD license for life was never this good !

  • ARCHICAD Rental Licenses (Just renting the license for a specific amount of time) : The offer for the rental licenses is to get 3 years of rental for the price of 2!

  • ARCHICAD Upgrades If you have old ARCHICAD licenses (ARCHICAD 19 or older), and you want to upgrade them to the latest ARCHICAD 22, this is the perfect time, discounted at 50% catching up with the latest BIM technology sounds like a great idea!


Q:So how much is the perpetual and the rental licenses under this offer? During this offer :

A perpetual ARCHICAD 22 License is USD 2,600

A 3 years rental ARCHICAD License is USD 3,398

An upgrade of an ARCHICAD 19 or older version to ARCHICAD 22 is USD 1,350

Q:What are Perpetual Licenses?ARCHICAD perpetual licenses, are licenses that you pay for one time, and you own it for life, and you don't need to pay any further payments to keep your licenses working.

Q:What are Rental Licenses?ARCHICAD Rental Licenses, are licenses that you rent from us, for a specific period of time, you don't own those licenses, and once the rental period ends, your licenses will stop working, till you renew it again.

Q:Does the offer include any Software Service Agreement (SSA*) coverage for the perpetual licenses? No, the discounted price doesn’t include any SSA.

*Software Service Agreement SSA : Is an optional yearly agreement for perpetual licenses, licenses with SSA receive free upgrades when new version of ARCHICAD is released, Online technical support, and Insurance on the licenses in case of theft or damage.

Q:Looking at the prices of this offer, it looks that renting for 3 years is more expensive than buying a perpetual license, why are the benefits of each ?:We like to provide our clients with options, we don’t like to force clients into a subscription / rental scheme with no alternatives. The benefits of rental is the flexibility and that during the rental period by default you receive all free upgrades, technical support and your license is ensured, so basically you have an active SSA during the rental period, while with the perpetual license, you have to decide if you want to purchase an SSA and get the same benefits, or just stick to having your ARCHICAD on 22.

Q: Can I combine this offer with any other discounts (e.g: I have 5 Licenses and usually get a discount since I am already on NET5 Licenses slab) ? No, this offer can’t be combined with any other offer.

Q: Is this BIMES exclusive offer? Yes, this is an offer exclusively by BIMES .

Q: Will this offer be valid after Ramadan 2019? No, this offer is strictly valid through the holy month, prices are back to normal by the end of the month.