ARCHICAD starting at 17 Dirhams a day ! 

We are happy to introduce another option to make ARCHICAD fits in your budget! You can now rent ARCHICAD on 6 months and 12 months bases.


Q:What are Perpetual Licenses?ARCHICAD perpetual licenses, are licenses that you pay for one time, and you own it for life, and you don't need to pay any further payments to keep your licenses working.

Q:What are Rental Licenses?ARCHICAD Rental Licenses, are licenses that you rent from us, for a specific period of time, you don't own those licenses, and once the rental period ends, your licenses will stop working, till you renew it again.

Q:How can I rent a license ? It is actually very simple ! fill up the form below, we will contact you to confirm all the details and provide you with an official quotation, once approved by you, we invoice you, and once the payment is done, you get your license activation code within 5-7 days.

Q: Are Rental licenses available all over Middle East ? At the moment Rental Licenses are only available in UAE, Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Bahrain and Lebanon.

Q:Does it mean I can't buy Perpetual licenses any more ? No, you can still buy a perpetual (life time) license, and we are not going to stop that at any point, we are just introducing Rental Licenses as a new option.

Q:What are the difference between a perpetual license and a rental license? In terms of technical use of ARCHICAD there is no difference, both will function exactly the same, in terms of financial aspect, you pay only once for a perpetual (life time) license, and it is yours forever, while with rental licenses, you need to pay to renew the licenses, and if your rental period ends, your license will not work anymore. 

Q: Are there any limitations of rental licenses? Not at all, Rental Licenses are full licenses with all the functions, with all the functions of ARCHICAD. 

Q: What are the benefits of Rental Licenses ? It requires a smaller upfront investment, and it comes with all the benefits of the standard Software Service Agreement SSA (Free upgrade, Insurance in case of license damage or lost, Online Technical Support) as part of the rental fees, which means as long as you are within the rental period, you will get any ARCHICAD upgrades for free, and your license is insured and is replaced for free in case of damage or lost, in addition to online technical support via emails, Go To Meeting and Team Viewer.

Q:What happens when the rental period expires? You will always be able to see how many days are remaining in your rental period, if you have decided to renew the rental, you can purchase another year and the rental will be automatically extended. If not the license will expire when the rental period ends and you won't be able to use that license anymore. 

Q: Can I use both Rental and Perpetual licenses in my office? Yes, you can use both types in your office.


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